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Skyrta 001

$ 30.00 USD

A Fjord tough shirt with an embroidered front and printed back. Heavy knit with a light-wash olive green colour. Made for lounging and any outdoor dance endeavors.


The Heim collection is a series of collaborative pieces inspired by the structure found at the coordinates 64.7455 N 23.7184 W. The now decrepit structure has served many purposes for many people but for us it is a home that has brought meaning to our artistic journey and has served as a symbol of our work. this humble structure is broken but steadfast, eroded but still beautiful, and is a testament to our continued journey to find home wherever we may be and with whatever company we may keep.
Hoping always to inspire a feeling and sense of home in our work, for these pieces we collaborated with dear friends, artists, and artisans.

Nicole Wen - Architectural Artist & Historian
George Anzaldo - Illustration, typography
Jason Patio - Illustration, design, typography
Jaris Remigio - Leather craftsman
Chris Martin - Design, Project Management
Larkin Poynton - Design, Project Management