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The Ebinum Brothers

Ebinum Brothers are artistic directors, choreographers, models and brothers born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Ebinum Brothers

Ebinum Brothers are artistic directors, choreographers, models and brothers born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria.

HISTORY - We were hoping you could share about your journey so far as an artist. When did you focus your energy towards a creative lifestyle and what are your core values as an artist?

Sometime in 2020, we got a message by an art company in the UK, they wanted us to create a piece about art & ecology, that was something we've never ever done before but we just immediately loved the project and wanted to be a part of it. That was the moment that we decided to focus our energy towards an artistic lifestyle, we finally knew that dance was beyond the movement, it's a way to express our ourselves and how we felt in other to also inspire others. We love to tell stories, every artist has a story so we always want to share our story.

CURRENT WORK AND CREATIVE PROCESS - What work are you most proud of and why? Please tell us about the creation process and of your creative process in general. 

The work we are really proud of is a film we made called REASON. That was a film we directed for The Perfect Magazine and Gucci, it was something different from what we've ever done before and we had to film it from Nigeria because we were unable to be in the UK at that time. What really made us love the process was the fact that it was filmed in Nigeria and we did learn a lot from that process, jumping from different zoom meetings and finally creating that in collaboration with one of our favorite brands Gucci, working with the founder of The Perfect Magazine and world renowned fashion stylist Katie Grand.  Getting to connect with new people and having to direct the whole film, including the camera movements and everything. It really was a lovely process.

INSPIRATION - What inspires you? How have those inspirations impacted your work over the past 5 years and in your work more recently?

We are inspired by our life experiences, we went through a whole lot growing up as artist in Lagos, Nigeria. It was a tough one for us, so we get inspired by those moments, having to keep going and never giving up.

COMMUNITY - How do you engage in your communities? How do your communities influence your art? This is also your chance to mention any organizations or groups you are a part of.

For us, we dont really have a community where we are from.

ASPIRATIONS - In the next 5 years, what aspirations do you have for yourself?

We always want to inspire the world. We can't see the future but we know its going to be a good one.

Lastly, what does Home mean to you?

Home is a place where we don't feel alone, a place where we are at peace and always happy. When we say a place, it can be someone or something or somewhere. For us its someone, we are at home whenever we are together.

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