Thomas Evans aka "Detour" speaks to Project Home about his story, intentions, goals, ideals, and more.

Six Point 5 - Project Home

Six.5 (six-point-five), the Dance Company of O School, aims to create and produce works exploring and telling the Singapore narrative, presenting them in an artistic and entertaining style. "We also hope to bridge the Arts and our society. To make Art accessible for anyone to enjoy and participate. The numbers Six and 5 are inspired by our country code of Singapore (+65)."

The Ebinum Brothers

Ebinum Brothers are artistic directors, choreographers, models and brothers born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria.

Kampai X Lander X The Krow Films X Project Home Collaboration

In this Project Home collaboration, seemingly ordinary spaces are animated by movement, humor, and dynamic visuals. Through conversations with Kampai, Lander Andonegi, and Ibon "Ambolo" Taboada, we gain insight into their artistic values and creative processes.

An Artist Dinner with the Nomadique Cooperative

Nomadique is a collective of Brooklyn based artists “committed to facilitating cross cultural communication, self expression and empowerment.” The collective hosts a monthly dinner to bring artists together through exchange and discussion.

Kris Haro: Graphic Designer and Multi-Medium Artist

Kris Haro is a multi-medium artist whose quirk and vibrancy permeates all of their creative focuses. From graphic design to dance and bouldering, Kris follows their excitement for problem-solving and employs their unique creative style.