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A young woman searched for a sense of home after experiencing a loss of innocence. As she treks through desolate terrain, she envisions new possibilities of family, made vivid through the supportive choreography around her. The familial support pulls her along her journey to negotiate her shifting sense of self and find a sense of home in her new identity.


Janelle Gleason, Arden Stamper, Mikey Ruiz, Larkin Poynton, Chris Martin, Mari Madrid, Fabian Tucker, Nicole Aguas


Larkin Poynton, Chris Martin, Andrew Ellis, Ben Stamper

The warm bodies SHINE TOGETHER in the darkness.

Home tells the story of a lost soul, searching for her home in a vast landscape. However, more than a linear narrative, the project is an experiment that invites the audience to fill in the story with their own experiences. Using original choreography and musical score, the film will pose more questions than answers, about what it means to belong, and to find one's true home.