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"Tapp insights struggle, glory, and a deep yearning for more. When Choreographing Chris and Larkin started with intention, speaking candidly with Shara and Cj about the song, its roots, and why it was made. We found that everyday, masks vail our needs and wants, “tapping on a ceiling” to us meant not only wanting out but also needing the comfort of staying where you are. When editing, shooting, and moving the Project Home Team and Selene found narrative in the interplay between movement and stillness, shadow and light. Poetic in nature Tapp is a dream-like soundscape and we wanted to create a work that encourages the audience to question, what is, what isn’t and what it is that they yearn for deep within."


Selene Haro


Larkin Poynton, Chris Martin, Steve Cachero, Klara Fejer, Anthony Devera

I keep second guessing, How did you crack me open, With one precise question

On the outside of your inner circle

Will you let me in

I’m tapping on the ceiling

Knocking on your door

Sending out these messages

I keep second guessing

How did you crack me open

With one precise question

(Left my chest to the smoking air)

You said i has a wall

I wonder if it’s true

That all along the thing i thought was happening

Was opposite for you.

“How does it make you feel?”

To tap on this fantastic ceiling